Work on textile Art in a happy team of more “textile enthusiasts” you can continue working on already started projects. Or plan and start a new project. Try new techniques. Browse books. Experiment with the unknown. We love the variety of possibilities and like to share them with you.

On the studio days, of course, all the tools from our workshop are at your disposal. There is no needle, no auxiliary instrument missing. Small frames to try out, frames for larger works. braiding stools, smocking machine, knitting machine, sewing machine, stencil cutter and much more. Yarns and fabrics from the workroom stock. And of course books, books, books.

A coffee machine provides for physical well being, tea and water for the necessary fluid, so that the muscles do not cramp.


The fee also includes a pick-up and drop-off service from the main station in Passau, your accommodation in Freyung and free Wi-Fi.

Fee per day: 80 € incl. VAT