Creating with Needle and Thread

= Needlework – a Very Old Craft 


Creating with Needle and Thread – so old but still so young!

singing stag? – dancing Carmen? – Granny’s fancy oversized cushions?

that’s from times gone by!

these days needlework meets the eye in many places

new materials – new creative minds = Mixed Media!

needlework is not meant to be stacked away in drawers, on a table or at a wall

Needlework is part of our Life!

It is a very special ART to create with Needle and Thread

Embroidery is an art form that is second to none. Each technique has its own laws, can be worked with many different embroidery threads and promotes our logical thinking. Cotton yarn becomes an expression of different structures. Silk becomes a shiny centerpiece. Wool to a fluffy memory of childhood. Fly stitch, herringbone and stem stitch have an appointment with cross stitch and drawn threads. Countable linen fabric with a firm cotton fabric. Finally, they get together for a fast-paced waltz, which unites all parts into a work of art.

The International School for Textile Arts is that place to be for everyone, who loves to work with needle and thread! Here you will find exceptional ways for stepping into modern textile design for beginners and advanced learners.

Our theme:
don’t forget things from the past, just re-do them over and over again!

Modern Needlework is always a combination of perfectly mastered traditional techniques with contemporary variations.
We do not promise you that you will be a professional embroiderer with in a few weeks. It is our aim, to show you textile design, especially embroidery, in a way, that will help you to know exactly why what and how something is worked. This is why it is mostly teaching techniques rather than focussing on finished objects.


Detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures will lead your steps into a bright world of colors and diversity of possibilities.
Professionally prepared documents allow you to learn a fascinating craft from the comfort of your own home.
Classes are for Beginners as well as advanced students.

Textiles design = fascination and variety without end and we are right in the middle of it. Our various classes will give you the technical skills and deep knowledge of hand stitching. Learning by doing – the best way to study the beautiful craft of hand embroidery and needlepoint!