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A Family Business

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production and shipping of hand dyed textile materials

A Family Business

For many years Bärbel and Thomas have a “joint venture” of heart and soul. Tegether they produce and ship hand dyed textile materials that are very well received all over the world. We buy our raw material from mostly family owned businesses around the globe. So Globalization does have it’s positive aspects!

hand dyed textile materials for any purpose.

Our future is designed by all of us!

To us it is important to offer a counterpoint for everyday’s hectic and help to get away from fears and worries. To make our souls calm down. Get away from “is this of any use?” towards “it is so much fun to work with my own hands”. To work with hand dyed textile materials is a guideline back to our roots and helps us meet our inner self. Some paint, some do pottery –  we stitch and make lace and weave and spin!

hand dyed textile materials in a cosy embrace with solid colors

Teaching and Learning

We stand for the preservation of the craft of needlework in all its splendor and variety! With us there is -almost- nothing that does not exist. We want everyone who comes to us to take something home with: the knowledge of what they can do with needle and thread and our hand-dyed textile materials. And that all who have the courage to trust us and their own creativity can master this wonderful craft with some practice.

We ship our hand dyed textile materials to the place where you live!

Help Desk

Service is very important to us, even if we can not always be reached by telephone. There is hardly any question in the field of needlework and everything else related to textile design, that we can not answer. Of course, we also know about our hand-dyed textile materials … And if we do not know the answer ourselves, we will introduce you to the appropriate experts. Your orders will be processed as soon as possible and feedbacks are almost always answered immediately. And even if it is something thats “steps outside the line”, we are always a patient contact.

was wir machen


House of Textile Arts

Home for hand dyed textile materials…

Founded by Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber (BIZ) in 1995 as a meeting point for all who like to use their creativity to process textile materials in old and new techniques. Stitching is our passion, but our eyes always look beyond the boundaries of old traditions and are in touch with other textile crafts. Tentakulum manufactory, home of the world’s most unique hand dyed textile materials  “Painter’s Threads Collection”, the International School for Textile Arts and the regional branch of Deutsche Stickgilde eV “Waidler with a Stitch” are all part of this. Material of high quality, good service and professional competence is a natural for our team.

Thomas is not only the most important part of the life of BIZ since 2013, but also the “second” half of our core team. He warps, wraps, ships as if he’d never done anything else, though he’d never had anything to do with such colorful threads or anything like that before. However, he has many years of experience in the logistic area and has quickly established a great system with our hundreds of drawers. He has already traveled for courier service and can therefore follow many paths very well and quickly bring “things gone a walking” back in line.

…and the craft of needlework

Our classes are designed by BIZ, who also does all the dyeing of the Painter’s Threads Collection. The technique developed by her is more like painting than dyeing. So all products are absolute unique pieces and give every textile project that certain something. All our classes are built to use the variety of materials and the colors from the collection and let you fly into a heaven of color.

Have you caught fire and want to try out more and learn the craft from the very beginning? Then you are in the best place to be! In a very individual program of classes, we offer many ways of learning: special needlework kits, classes for beginners, certificated classes and preparatory course for the new profession “Designing Crafts WoMan / subject hand embroidery”. From 2018 there are local apprenticeship classes and studio days in Freyung. Benefit from the competence of one of the best embroidery teachers of our time.

If you do not already know our range of supplies or you just want to see it again: visit our shop, which has a lot of information about them and you can see which materials are available.


Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber

Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber


Big Boss at a show in the USA. Air condition was so cold and the only cloth we could find to warm me up had been some feather boa from the deco box…very chic!

Thomas Wefer

Thomas Wefer

Assistant Manager

Even assistants are allowed to have a break  – like here on an Erasmus+ Tour to Ephesos (Turkey).

All of You

All of You

our base

Where would we be without your support and endless loyalty? Not close to where we stand right now – thanks and here’s to many more successful years with you!