Master Class – Embroidery & Needlepoint

Embroidery and Needlepoint are an art form of greatest diversity. Perfect craftsmanship in hand embroidery/needlepoint and knowledge of materials are the base for creating your very own style of textile arts.

Our classes will lead you through hand stitching from bottom up . You can also use this class to prepare yourself for the practical part of the HWK examination as a Designing Crafts Woman (subject: embroidery).

In a total of 208 weekly lessons we will guide you on your way to free textile design. Each will take about 8-12 hrs.

The Painter’s Way— meaning we paint with needle and thread. We do not need a chart or a stitching by numbers design. Inspiration is the only spark we need! It could be a picture, a painting or just our own fantasy. It also means we delve in colors and structures with the Materials from the Painter’s Threads Collection. Once you are finished you will know:

This is my piece of Art
An embroidery / needlepoint project worked with my hands. From A thru Z !

This is the greates feeling in the world!

We focus on teaching techniques of hand embroidery and needlepoint, how to use the huge variety of materials available, as well as bringing traditional techniques together with modern design.

All our documentation is built on richly illustrated step-by-step instructions. They also give you a little bit of back-ground information on the technique.

In the projects suggested, you will be able to combine techniques with modern design.

embroidery.canvas work

In your last semester (6 months) you will work a graduation project. There will be a some requirements , but it will be mainly your design. You can choose to work it in our workroom or at home and be sent to us for assessment after completion. If you choose to work it in our workroom, it could be completed in 28 working days. This will not have any effect on the fee.

If you have successfully participated in the complete training scheme, you will get the ISTA certificate as a Master Crafts WoMan Hand Embroidery.

  • prerequisite
    • all projects worked in the programme are sent to ISTA
    • you have passed the assessment with the required scores



embroidery.surface embroidery


  • questions to your tutor will be answered by eMail
  • digitised images can be mailed any time to help sove questions
  • weekly reports are voluntary
embroidery.metal work


  • Decorative Stitches
  • Embroidered Lace
  • Raised Embroidery
  • Appliqué and Quilting
  • Metal- and Beadwork
  • Shading
  • Materials
  • Investigations
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Develop, Design, Present
  • Calculation
  • Tools
embroidery.soft shading

Sequence of Events

Start date: each Monday
we do need approximately 4 weeks time from the day of your registration

After registration you will receive an individual time schedule, according to this we will ship the documentation by Courier. Each lesson is packed in a convenient slipcase, that fits well in every bookshelf.

Roughly four weeks before the start of a new (studying)year we will email the time schedule for the next year and the new learning unit including list of supplies.

You can choose documentation to be either Deutsch or English


All mentioned costs are inclusive of VAT.


100 €

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class fee

105 €

per month / printed version
total of  48 x 105€ = 5040€


100 €

per month / PDF version
total of 48 x 10€ = 4800€

You can choose your own colors according to the list of supplies. It is available in selected needlework shops or online.
If you are located in the United States, South Korea or Australia please contact us for shops in your area.

In addition to class fees there will be postage charges for the printed version.

At least one embroidery frame is required for the course. These are available in different sizes and designs via Tobias Dübler from Hof Erdenlicht. For the course you need a frame with a width of 60cm, we recommend the professional frame. You can order the frames from the online shop of Hof Erdenlicht.