Hand Dyed Silk Cocoons and more Embellishment

Many of us love the little extras that make even our most basic textile objects something special and unique. Whether hand dyed silk cocoons that are cut into blossoms, the popular cocoon sheet for large-scale work or the unmistakable linen buttons from grandmother’s chest – every textile heart leaps for joy.

All hand dyed items can be well used for “wearable” items. They have passed the test in the washing machine while dyeing and even stand the dryer.

Information on other materials: silk –cotton threads – other threads – fabrics – ribbons and trims

Painter’s Cut Silk Cocoons

The top is cut off from these silk cocoons which can no longer be unreeled. They still contain the natural sericin and can be assembled, felted or sewn into very light window pictures. The whole cocoons can be moistened and then banged with a hot iron to make a flat circular shape, if strung up on a thick thread before ironing they become a funny necklace. Lampshades and fairy lights, they give it that certain something and for the currently so popular big-meshed knit- or crochet-sweaaters they can be threaded like-pearls on the thread and co-processed.

Painter’s Jewels

These are the top that has been cut off the cocoons. Jewels, because they are hard to get, have to be separated after dyeing/washing in a very time consuming process and can be made into beautiful accessoires and jewellery just like real jewels.

Painter’s Cocoon Sheet

A Cocoon Sheet is produced on a special machine for the production of mesh fabrics made of silk cocoons. The sheet consists of individual layers, which can be easily pulled apart. They show the typical diamond structure of all silk products and give handmade silk paper a compleetly new, beautiful structure. The fiber content is higher than that of Hankies, the fibers can be spun or felted with the needle (hand or machine), which makes the beautiful character of the Painter’s Threads colors particularly effective! In wet felting, they can be used together with wool.

Painter’s Buttons

Laundry and thread buttons from Grandma’s dowry chest are now hard to come by treasures. Bed linen has either a zipper or a flap. Our underwear is no longer buttoned and simple Kalicoblouses are not in fashion any longer. We think this is a pity and we searched intensively for these old treasures, until we located it. We spice up the fabric-covered laundry buttons as well as the threaded ones so that they make great eye-catchers on any project.