Hand Dyed Lustrous Needlework Threads and much more

Hand-dyed lustrous needlework threads are, of course, available in more than the two main qualities of cotton and silk. If these are hand dyed, they make every project something out of the ordinary. All contribute to the enrichment of modern textile design. These are, with the exception of wool and linen, materials that fall into the chemical fibers category. Based on a cellulose base, these fibers are further chemically treated in order to produce glittering materials.

Information on other materials: silk –cotton – fabrics – ribbon and trims – embellishment


hand dyed lustrous needlework threads.crewelwool

Hand Dyed Painter’s Crewel Wool

A two-ply, non-strandable worsted made of pure merino wool. Unfortunately, it is now a misunderstood genius. Like all animal fibers, it has an intense refraction of light and thereby achieves beautiful color effects. The soft, slightly shiny material is suitable for all needlework techniques and forms a beautiful contrast to all other needlework threads. Our crewel wool is an Australian merino fiber of very high quality, which is spun and twisted evenly in Italy. Despite its soft surface it is surprisingly tear-resistant. The name crewel wool is derived from the Middle High German word for ball. This was then turned into Crewel in the English-speaking part of the world. In old German embroidery books on finds it in the name of “Krüwellwolle”. This is called a textile cycle ….

hand dyed lustrous needlework threads.gimp

Hand Dyed Painter’s Gimp

This solid, round thread made of rayon is a product of passamentry. It is mainly used for cladding tassel heads, making tight drawstrings and tassels. It consists of an inner thread, the “soul”, which is wrapped tightly and firmly with a rayon thread. It is suitable for many creative ideas in hand and machine embroidery. Work a French knot with gimp – you never want to use anything else to work this stitch. Or use it forcouching to work a very pointed, straight-lined outline that gives every shape and every stitch a special emphasis.
hand dyed lustrous needlework threads.shimmer

Hand Dyed Painter’s Shimmer

A softly braided ribbon being very versatile and easy to use. Because of it’s special construction it can be stitched flatly without too much pain, it does not twist as much as some other ribbons used for embroidery. Used on a canvas ground it covers the fabric very well without having to use more than one thread. It can be worked in any kind of ribbon embroidery, for any stitch and in freestyle textile work. By pulling one or more of the braided threads you can rouche it and thus achieve a very special effect. The shimmer comes from 1 metallic ply used together with the rayon thread for the braiding.

hand dyed lustrous needlework threads.braided metallics

Hand Dyed Barided Metallics

A small band braided of metallics, much easier to use than the plain thread. It is relatively strong and does not fray so easily in the needle. For size #4 (= 4 braided strands of metallics) use an embroidery needle #3 or a tapestry needle #22 and a thread not longer than 45cm. For size 8 (= 8 braided strands of metallics) an embroidery needle #3, yarn darner #18 or a Tapestry/Chenille Needle # 18 verwenden. Applicable for all counted thread and surface embroidery techniques, equivalent to Kreinik’s braided.

hand dyed lustrous needlework threads.metallics twist

Hand Dyed Metallics Twist

A great all-rounder among metallic threads. One or more plies used as a blending filament shows off the random colours with a very tender effect; providing a special accent for any embroidery.4 plies or more are strong enough to be worked with on their own. Their subtle sparkling appearance putting the embroidered area in a very special light. Use all plies for couching, include it in your felting piece, twist it into beautiful cords, add a special effect to your silk paper (instant as well as regular) and it can of course be used for any embroidery stitch.