Hand Dyed Fabrics showing a Firework of Colors

Needlwork takes a looooong time to finish! But there are a few tricks that will help you finish faster. Like using hand dyed fabrics as a base that you do not have to cover with stitches completely but still looks very lively and harmonious. This is why our hand dyed fabrics are chosen by all those that like to finish small projects very quickly.

Of course, with our muslin, canvas and linen, even large projects can be realized a little faster. Bags, quilts, pictures – the Painter’s fabrics are suitable for everything.

Information on other materials: silk – cotton – various threads – ribbons and trims – embellishment


hand dyed fabrics.evenweave linen

Hand Dyed Painter’s Evenweave Linen

Suitable for cross stitch, cushion covers, tote bags, quilting and patchwork. Fabric count is 10 F/cm – 28ct after washing. During dyeing the fabric is being washed and does not shrink any further.

hand dyed fabrics.painter's muslin

Hand Dyed Painter’s Muslin

Lightweight cotton muslin fabric (120gr/sqm – 240 tpi) perfectly suitable as a base for embroidery, patchwork, quilting and for clothing. During dyeing the fabric is being washed and does not shrink any further.

hand dyed fabrics.royal canvas

Hand Dyed Royal Canvas

Very well suited for canvas work, cushion covers, pursed and upholstery. The fantastic, hand dyed background makes just a few stitches look like a perfect art work. It is no longer necessary to cover the complete background with stitches. Available in 18ct and 10ct. Royal Canvas can not be washed in the washing machine like the rest of our products: colors might bleed just a little bit when dampened for stretching.