Cotton Needlework Threads

Cotton Embroidery Threads are a favorite amongst stitchers worldwide. Cotton is a vegetable fiber, which takes colors best when being pre-treated with something like soda-ash. This process is being called mercerisation. It is also the reason for the shine in vegetable fibers, but this shine is not as stable as with protein fibers. After a lot of washing and ironing the shine will fade by and by.

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Finca® Stranded Cotton

Probably the most well known embroidery thread. It is a 6ply thread, strandable and has a beautiful sheen. The basic material is Finca® Mouliné made by Presencia Hilaturas in Valencia®. The needle you should use is subject to the number of plies and the technique you are using(embroidery #1-10, tapestry #18-28).

Painter’s Cotton á Broder

Cotton a Broder (Cotton Speciale) is a 4ply, non-strandable, slightly twisted thread with a soft sheen. It is a round, mercerised thread and does not lie flat on the surface, thus making a very nice structure. It is used by many designers in books and kits. It has roughly the same size as flower thread. Use short length of thread so the thread does not loose its sheen. Very popular for cross stitch, white work, drawn and pulled thread, needlepoint lace and hardanger embroidery. Our Cotton á Broder is produced for us in Bulgaria and is made from high-quality egyptian cotton. The size is similar to size 25 made by DMC.

Painter’s Flower Thread

The fibres from which flower thread is spun, are relatively short, so it is not really tear-proof. With its light mercerisation it captivates with a slight sheen. You can work beautiful, slightly matte surfaces that make a great contrast to e.g. areas worked with a high-sheen silk thread.

Finca® Pearl Cotton

Heavily twisted thread made from mercerised, long staple egyptian cotton, a very high-quality cotton thread. The basic material is Finca® Pearl Cotton made by Presencia Hilaturas in Valencia®. The shine is being enhanced by the strong twist. Pearl Cotton is mostly used in sizes: 3 (thickest), 5, 8 and 12. While working with it, the thread should be re-twisted to ensure stability of structure and shine.

Painter’s Soft Cotton

Single ply, matte needlework thread, it is not mercerised and non- strandable. It does makes a nice contrast to e.g. very shiny stranded cotton. It can be used for counted thread and surface embroidery, use a tapestry or chenille needle # 14 or 16. You can also use it for couching by hand or machine.

Ribbon Floss Cotton

A softly braided ribbon made of cotton, being very versatile and easy to use. Because of it’s special construction it can be stitched flatly without too much pain, it does not twist as much as some other ribbons used for embroidery. Used on a canvas ground it covers the fabric very well without having to use more than one thread. It can be worked in any kind of ribbon embroidery, for any stitch and in freestyle textile work. By pulling one or more of the braided threads you can rouche it and thus achieve a very special effect. It is escpecially well suited to make very stable and creative gimps, these make fun-to-make and beautiful summer jewellery. It is also very suitable for braiding with a Lucette or crochet.