The International School for Textile Arts and Painter’s Threads Collection, both at home in the House of Textile Arts, form a perfect symbiosis. No desire for learning and material diversity must remain unfulfilled.

Everyone who likes to work with needle and thread will find everything needed for this beloved pastime. The Painter’s Threads workroom is teeming with silk, cotton and other delicacies. Fabrics, “waste”, laundry buttons – nothing is safe from our cravings for color. We and many needle enthusiasts from all over the world are constantly finding new uses for this variety of colors and materials.

Distance learning or local seminars, the first introduction to hand embroidery or rather the Master Class? Old familiar threads in new colors or would you rather try something new? Each needle starts to dance and every thread ensnares your senses. With the support of competent professionals, you will learn everything you always wanted to know about hand embroidery.

Distance learning, local seminars and apprenticeship, studio days

Silk, Cotton, Rayon. Wool, Metallics and Linen. Shop our Onlineshop to find all these threads, fabrics and much more from the Painter’s Threads Collection.

An abundance of Threads, Fabrics and other bits and pieces. Get more information on materials, available colors, secrets about hand dyeing and much more.